Management Team


  • Elizabeth Reynolds
    • Educator & Administrator with 30 years experience at schools and Adult Training facilities. Have managed a number of schools in the capacity as principal.
    • “My passion is to educate and assist as many people as possible and my heart bleeds for the youth of our country. I do my best to help learners achieve their goals and to change their mindset and work ethic to one of “production with pride”!”
    • Drivers:
      • Marginalised Youth
      • Social Upliftment

  • Angie Jacobs
    • Educator with 20 years experience in the field of education and business entities. Have served the disadvantaged farming communities, factory workers and people that want to improve their level of education.
    • “I have a deep desire to equip the youth who have dropped out of mainstream schools to reach their potential. This has become the main aim of Education for Africa. Adults who have lost the opportunity in the past have now fresh hope to achieve their educational goals. They are closest to my heart and at Education for Africa their goals are met”
    • Drivers :
      • Equip youth that dropped out of mainstream
      • Train adults who missed the opportunity
      • Direct & educate the homeless

  • Iqbaal Mowzer
    • IT professional and Educator with 25 years experience in the Corporate & Education environments locally and in the UK. Specialist & gifted trainer and tutor in Mathematics.
    • Drivers:
      • Creating Youth of Excellence
      • Poverty Alleviation

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